What to do with your bouquet after the big day!

We love nothing more than creating a beautiful bouquet for your big day! It will be admired by your guests, appear in your photographs FOREVER & if you’re planning on saving the main bouquet, our toss bouquets come in handy for a wedding tradition.

However once the night is over, what to do with your bouquet? We have 6 helpful ideas to re-purpose & keep your bouquet forever.

1.     Donate.

Perhaps you have a loved one who was unable to make your special day. Why not pass your flowers on to be enjoyed by them so they can feel just as much apart of your day as you.

 2.     Air Dry.

Everlasting bouquets are definitely on trend! A lot of flowers dry beautifully so why not air dry your bouquet in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Within a few weeks, the petals will shrink & change colour, ready to be displayed! Or if you’re a little lazy, chuck your flowers in a vase & leave them. They’ll do their thing & dry naturally.

3. Preserve.

It might seem a little old skool but framed bouquets are still a great way to display your flowers. Couples will often put other momentous with it including the boutonniere, garter or horseshoe.

4.     Flower Press.

This takes me back to my childhood. I had a hot pink, plastic flower press & Tonia Todman would have been chuffed with some of my creations! There are a few ways you can do this, which you can read here. One of our favourite presses is by Sow ‘N Sow, otherwise you can search the WWW & get a professional to work their magic. Etsy is a great place to start!

5.     Illustrate.

We are lucky enough to have the very talented Anne from The Flower Press by Anne apart of our recommendations. She creates wonderful illustrations of your bouquet & is another great way that you can keep the memory of your bouquet alive.

6.     Botanical Crystals.

Last but not least, creating one of my & our brides favourite preserving techniques, Jade from Leaf & Folk. She creates botanical crystals that are everlasting & make a great piece (or 2!) to your home décor.  Definitely the popular choice amongst our brides, Jade will work her magic & you won’t be disappointed!

Which will you be choosing?!