REmove wrapping & Strip lower foliage from stems

It is best to do this over a sink as there is water wrapped around your stems. We use a horticultural grade foam wrap to keep your flowers fresh during transport. Please recycle the foam (or reuse) & dispose of the plastic bag. Measure up your stems with your selected vase & remove any leaves that are below the water line. If they are left they will deteriorate & rot. 


Cut stems at a 45 degree angle & fill a clean vase with room temperature water

Flowers take up warm water more efficiently than cold. Use sharp scissors or snips to cut 2.5cm at a 45 degree angle off your stems. This will allow better hydration to your flowers. Recut stems every few days to get the longest life from them. Cut any rubber bands or string from your bunch too.


Add your supplied preservative to the water, Add flowers & enjoy!

Flower feed helps your flowers to fully develop & helps keep bacteria out of the water. Be sure to keep your arrangement away from bright sunlight & draughts. Remove any dead or wilted flowers & top up water when necessary.