AryPlants - Air Plant Holders

AryPlants - Air Plant Holders

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  • The Air Plant ring is a unique piece of living art. Each one has been handmade using natural wood to bring you & your home closer to nature.

  • The Rustic Ring comes with a living Air Plant (Tillandsia Aeranthos) & will be hand picked for its unique shape and individual character. The plants we send are greenhouse kept and will always be sent healthy.

  • Delicately hand wrapped using safe & strong aluminium wire, the air plant can easily be removed for watering & care.

    • Total bodied air flow allows the plant to breathe happily and the zen like motion as it naturally turns gives the plant the possibility of 360 degree light.

  • Each ring measures 15 cm - 18cm diameter depending on the size of the hand picked plant & can be hung anywhere with a damage free command hook (included in purchase).

  • Tillandsia are amazing giving plants. They clean and purify the air from harmful toxins that we breathe. They don't need soil and instead take in nutrients from fuzzy white hairs called "trichomes" on their leaves. They are unique and come in so many shapes and sizes. And they are very hardy which is great for all of us with a black thumb!

    • Tropical by nature, one day healthy and happy plants will bloom exotic and colourful flowers that can last for months. Afterwards, the cycle of life continues as the mother plant can produce up to 12 babies (or pups).

  • Please note, these plants don't do well in hot, direct sun! To hang this outdoors or in a window, choose a location which doesn't get direct sunlight.

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